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The argument from Idiocracy reminds me of just about every meeting I have at work. Eventually you learn to embrace the electrolytes to collect your check.

Nukes are their only option for power if they carry this bizarre fear of CO2 forward.

Nukes and Hydrogen for cars/trucks. Hydrogen isn't great but it's light years ahead of giant batteries in 100% pure evs.

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Sunlight water and CO2 - that's what plants want :-)

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“If the Labour Party could be bullied or persuaded to denounce its Marxists, the media - having tasted blood - would demand next that it expelled all its Socialist and reunited the remaining Labour Party with the SDP to form a harmless alternative to the Conservatives, which could then be allowed to take office now and then when the Conservatives fell out of favour with the public. Thus British Capitalism, it is argued, will be made safe forever, and socialism would be squeezed of the National agenda. But if such a strategy were to succeed… it would in fact profoundly endanger British society. For it would open up the danger of a swing to the far-right, as we have seen in Europe over the last 50 years.”

Tony Benn

It must be noted that the old Eurosceptic left were not wrong about European integration as it has transpired although I'm sure they did not envisage the fraud that would be perpetrated to march in lockstep towards Globofascism 4.0.

Europe is itself split on this with the G7 powers and WEFfers on one side (with anglo-sphere sacrificial lamb Poland) and the other former Eastern bloc resisting totalitarianism as they have a more recent memory of end stage 'communism'. How that develops will be interesting.

All eyes back to finance this week coming however as can kicking Western FIAT may have reached the end of the road...

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Global Young Leader WEF Kier Starmer getting into power is terrifying. We will have our own Trudeau.

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