"Emily Oster may have said a few reasonable things in the depths of her pandemic moderation, but she can take her proposal for pandemic amnesty and shove it all the way up her ass. I’m never going to forget what these villains did to me and my friends. It is just hard to put into words how infuriating it is, to read this breezy triviliasation of the absolute hell we’ve been through, penned by some comfortable and clueless Ivy League mommyconomist who is ready to mouth support for basically any pandemic policy that doesn’t directly affect her or her family and then plead that the horrible behaviour and policies supported by her entire social milieu are just down to ignorance about the virus. We knew everything we needed to know about SARS-2 already in February 2020. The pandemicists and their supporters crossed many bright red lines in their eradicationist zeal and ruined untold millions of lives. That doesn’t all just go away now."

I guess that's a 'no' then!


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Oct 31, 2022Liked by Jaime Jessop

I think it's too early to talk about amnesties or forgiveness. We're simply too much in the dark about the opinions and motives of those who cheer-led and perpetrated this.

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You go, sister! Backing you up 100%!!

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On point! She might as well ask me to forgive Dr. Mengele

The lack of self-awereness is astonishing. You can ask your God to forgive you

I never will, as long as I draw breath

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Is she admitting that vaccine is killing people now?

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