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The shockingly unkempt Patrick Harvie has been voted “Zoomer of the Week” on The Majority Show for his looney green policies on heat pumps, starts at 59:30 on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lFMle3rJV8.

It’s an amusing take-down, with interesting comments from the Delvins who have experience of heat pumps from living abroad, confirming that heat pumps are very noisy and saying that they had to have two because one wasn't enough to heat the house.

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From a purely economic point of view ignoring the capital cost of supply and installation the COP is still above 1 even at -15C. So, if you were using electricity for heating the running cost of the heat pump still comes out ahead. Depending on the cost of gas it may or may not be cheaper to run depending on the cost of gas. If you’ve got cheap gas it’s a no brainer, you use gas, it’s simple and effective for heating, using fire to heat stuff was mastered a long time ago but always has a “COP” <= 1. With heat pumps the problem isn't so much that it’s inefficient at low temperature it’s still more efficient than gas as long as the COP > 1, it’s more a capacity issue. If you’re happy spending the money on a larger unit (greater capacity) it’s not a problem, it’s will probably be oversized but that essentially only effects the initial purchase price and installation i.e if you size the unit for -15C to deliver say 2.6kW of heating to raise the water to 65C it will use 2kW of electrical power. The same unit will only use about half (1.3/2.3) to do the same job when it’s 7C outside. I’m not sure how they size the units in the UK, here in Australia it’s not such a big deal as the temperature difference between summer and winter is not as extreme. From the chart a 2.7kW “water heater” rated to produce hot water at 55C with an outside air temp of 7C will only heat the water to 35C when it’s -2C outside. I’ve just used the easiest example as it’s the only bars with the same COP. This assumes you can actually get units that go down to -15C, I have no practical experience using heat pumps operating at such a low outside air temperature, I assume they use electrical de-icing or hot gas by-pass to prevent the coils freezing and it’s part of the COP calculation that’s why the COP is so bad at -15C. If the COP is only being calculated using the refrigerant cycle (ignoring the de-icing) then it gets even worse. I’m a big fan of heat pumps but they won’t work as expected if they’re sized wrong and the end user will be disappointed with the result if it’s not explained them properly.

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When a company breaks its vested interest to advise AGAINST buying its product for the wrong purpose, we're seeing a unique and heroic example of honesty and courage!!!

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British Gas agrees with heat pump supplier Lord Haughey, saying they will only agree to install a heat pump if convinced that it will succeed in getting the property up to a target temperature on the coldest days: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/05/12/the-heat-pump-farce-has-finally-been-exposed/.

The SNP/Greens should have learned from Sturgeon’s experience in converting her official residence Bute House to heat pumps, at a cost of £800k: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1542230/nicola-sturgeon-scotland-bute-house-electric-heaters-800k-ont.

The German Greens are reported to have spent 5 million Euros converting their HQ to heat pumps: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2023/06/14/german-green-party-headquarters-heat-pump-debacle-5-million-euros-cost-still-no-heat/.

The UK government has set a ludicrous target of installing heat pumps in 600,000 homes per year but so far has achieved a trickle, only 9,000 over a recent 3-month period according to Ross Clark despite the £5k bung, due to expire in 2025. Suppliers may go on strike for fear of being fined for not meeting government quotas: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/06/05/the-tories-are-staking-our-future-on-technology-we-know-won/.

A report published in May shows the installations per 1,000 households across regions of the UK. Surprisingly, Scottish islands top the list, e.g. 120 in Orkney. In contrast, most areas are much, much lower, e.g. 3 in St Albans, 0.3 in Wolverhampton: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/05/20/head-pump-noise-disturbance-complaints/.

The UK’s roll-out of heat pumps is the lowest in Europe: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2023/04/13/flagship-heat-pump-scheme-flops-installations-target/.

Control freak Patrick Harvie will have to eat crow and back down on his authoritarian plans as most people want nothing to do with noisy, expensive heat pumps which for many homes simply aren’t up to the job.

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I've got an awesome Mitsubishi Mr. Slim A/C-heat pump and three wall units in my house. We use it primarily for cooling as July and August are absolutely terrible months here. Works great.

For heat however, they also work 'ok' to take the chill off nights around 45-50 degrees and they also cost a small fortune to run. We use a woodstove as primary heat with a oil fired boiler/baseboard heat for real winter.

Heat pumps absolutely do not function below freezing... at ... all.

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It is amusing the lengths you will go to defend the fossil fuel industry. I guess Norway must have a much more temperate climate than Scotland given how many heat pumps have been installed and successfully operated there

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