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Decades ago I worked as a computer programmer for a government-sponsored weather modification program that “seeded” clouds for years. The cloud physicists and PhD meteorologists failed to find any evidence that their efforts had any effect on the weather. They also laughed derisively at “news” headlines that the Russians were “changing our weather” (funny how some things never change). It’s easy to underestimate the amount of energy in the atmosphere, but it’s staggeringly enormous; to produce and direct sufficient power to alter the course of it is not possible without massive apparatus that likely isn’t within mankind’s technological means.

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California has been cloud seeding since the 1950s. It's no big secret. A lot of people are not happy about it. I wouldn't be if I lived in California. If you mess with the weather and interfere with natural precipitation patterns, then it can have unintended consequences down the line. Usually, it involves aircraft fitted with special spray nozzles injecting silver iodide condensation nuclei into winter clouds in order to enhance precipitation and increase snowpack. But it's important to note that these planes are flying at low altitude in the troposphere, spraying low level clouds. The chemtrail theorists allege that chemicals are being injected into the lower stratosphere at much greater heights, where there are no rain-bearing clouds, but then they say these chemicals (aluminium, barium etc.) are causing artificial snow falls and can be detected in the snow which falls. How can this happen if they are being injected into the lower stratosphere? It doesn't make sense. How can these 'chemtrails' assist in the precision steering of high level jet streams towards specific locations, or is this all down to the mysterious HAARP rays? Others maintain that high level spraying of these poisonous salts is a planned attempt to cool the planet by reflecting and absorbing solar radiation - but the effect of persistent stratospheric aircraft trails suggests net warming, not cooling, as they trap radiated heat during the night-time, more than compensating for 'dimming' during the daytime. Whatever the case, the science definitely isn't settled and the entire subject is still very much open to debate, so anyone claiming that there is no debate is a fraud and a charlatan.

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I totally disagree. Look up patents. Look up pictures of jets accommodating the containers of stuff without any passenger seats.

You cannot tell me these tiny vapors persist for hours slowly like white curtains.

I am simply asking you to use your eyes to watch

Dear I have watching skies for some 60 years

You keep your google science.

I’ll keep my keen cat eyes and curiosity

Truth is there east to find.

These white coke lines in the skies are deliberate there results are obvious.

If you claim to have Climate in your expertise

Then you might want to explore your field

At great length

Haarp nexrad geoengineering

Dane has something to say

Follow the science which is an ever ongoing quest for truth

Appreciate your responses but your science

Is not mine

Just saying there’s lots of data info or was before censoring became the deal

1947 they have been manipulating weather

If I had Climate on my Substack I’d investigate every Tin foil hat conspiracy I could

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The best lies are big ones based on small kernels of truth.

If we didn't learn anything over the past three years of the Madness it should be that.

The other lesson was the propaganda/lie machine runs 24x7 and also produces outlandish counter narratives that often run contrary to their original lies to discredit dissenters. It's an effective, proven, and sometimes difficult to discern method.

Any kind of climate fear porn is easy to produce since the weather is naturally destroying stuff all around the globe at any moment. Much like the Covidian siren song of "People are dying!!!" when meeting the truth of "Yes, 8,0000 people die every day in the USA and that's ok". There was a respiratory disease and yep it killed some very old and frail fat folks.

My take on chemtrails is the same. They're mainly normal contrails from jets. I saw them as a kid in the 70's and they looked exactly the same. Now, I'm certain evil fuckers have sprayed various toxins over populations but I doubt this is every day across the globe as the logistics would be impossible. And if you are spraying toxins, you'd do it at night.

Haarp or whatever is probably minimally effective and one can be certain that directed weather research would be part of every major countries weapons program. It wouldn't work all or even most of the time since technology can't conjure moisture or heat out of nowhere. They likely can nudge certain parameters to create localized effects, sometimes and erratically.

Remember the 5G crap and the coof.... You probably don't want either in your house but one had nothing to do with the other.

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"Why is it that Man thinks he can so easily play God" that pretty much nails it. Everything bad weather wise is man Mkay. Cut your children's beating hearts out and throw them into the volcano to appease the Climate Gods™️. Its very much the same mentality as the Climate Cabal™️ where only newsworthy, sexy events get claimed for the cause whilst boring average weather, like seemingly endless grey skies under a slack easterly flow are not worthy enough to be included. Nevermind that Atmospheric Rivers are predicted weeks in advance by models and the likes of Joe Bastardi - nope it's all our fault one way or another. I'm undecided if it's a form of narcissism or like when I fooled my then 5 year old nephew that his magic wand was turning the (remote controlled) led candles on and off as he swished away. I wouldn't be surprised if they crank up HAARP everytime sexy weather is imminent just for the lolz. Quite useful too as it not only distracts but tars opposition to murderous climate policies to tackle a nonexistent crisis.

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Oh dear, what an astonishing pile of claptrap.

Wingington sounds like he's stopped taking his medication to me.

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1. One must ask why all the constant Chem trails?

2. HARRP is real

3. Weather wars is real

4. Climate crisis is just another Covid weaponizing device.

Believe what you will but watch your own skies and ask yourself how can a beautiful pristine blue sky morning turn gray ugly after an ongoing multiple cocaine lines from jets in bum fuck nowhere?

Believe what you will. Ever hear LBJ speech on owning the weather?

Or now bill gates wants to dim the sun after they have been doing this for decades?

Jump down the rabbit hole 🕳️

Use your own eyes

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Well said..."Anyone advancing such outlandish claims based upon such scant evidence, then claiming that they are not debatable is a zealot, not a scientist."

How many 'new cult religions" do we have now?

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